Insurance Services

Minimize your costs and headaches after a crane accident

  • Recover your crane at the accident scene
  • Inspect the crane
  • Provide an estimate for repairs
  • Help get your crane back in operation quickly

If your crane is damaged in an accident, we can offer you our insurance service to minimize your costs and headaches. Dealing directly with your insurance agency, we will recover your crane to prevent additional damage, inspect it at our shop and provide you and your agent with a complete estimate of repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to rebuild your crane completely, if necessary.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are trained to avoid additional damage to the crane during the recovery process. They assess and photograph the accident site, close up the crane and prepare it for self-transport or tow it to our yard where a thorough inspection is made and a detailed repair estimate prepared.

In recovery situations, our technicians file a full accident report to include conditions surrounding the accident site and the activities going on prior to the accident, which may be helpful in future liability investigations.

Repair Estimates

With our repair estimate, insurance adjusters can better understand the damage sustained by the crane. This process can save time and minimize surprises resulting in additional repairs and requests for more funds.

We make every effort to minimize your costs. Our experience gives us the option of suggesting repairs or rebuilding, rather than replacing components, in certain situations. Our repair estimate will include repairs to the truck chassis, if required.

OSHA Crane Recertification

Our estimate includes details for repairs required to bring your crane into OSHA 1926.550 compliance, including a stability test, necessary to recertify your crane.